Exploring Thanjavur.

We needed to buy some stuff for the games pilot on Friday – mostly stationery and Rs5 coins. I tagged along with one of our surveyors to market in town for this. With an excuse to make sure he got the right things, I was just excited to get out and explore Thanjavur.

Getting to town on an auto(rickshaw).

Here is a stationery shop in town. As to how to get there, I have no idea. We walked through narrow alleys, went up and down stairs. I was just following our local surveyor. Their organizing system is pretty interesting. I mean, it’s almost organized but not really. Behind this wall of these common stationery items, there was a big warehouse with less common items, dark and dusty.

A parking lot behind the shop. You can see how dusty the road is.

An alley in the busy old bus stand area where shops are.

A quick snapshot of the big temple, Brihadeeswarar from an autorickshaw. We plan to visit here sometime this week.

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