I live here in India.

I’ll be spending one month in Thanjavur in Tamil Nadu. The town used to be the capital of the Chola empire which ruled Southern India for over a millennium (pretty impressive, huh). The main attraction here is the Brihadeeswarar temple which represents the Dravidian art and culture at its peak. I’ll post pictures later when I actually visit the place. Now I have to focus on work first.

Here is the place I’ll be staying for a month from now.

It’s difficult to explain what exactly this building is for. The first floor is some kind of government agency. Then, on the second floor, there is a private clinic. Then the third floor is tadaaa where I’ll be staying. My first impression was like soooo this is what my professor has been calling a “research center” – one floor in a building that stands in the middle of nowhere. I was later told that this is one of the best field stations in India, Africa, and elsewhere (if I want to stay in business I should just suck it up). I’m not complaining, just surprised but the word choice. haha.

The place is quite a luxury (relatively). At this “research center”, there are two apartment suites – each with three bedrooms. One suite is used as an office with one bedroom as a A/C (sort of VIP) office and the other two bedrooms as guestrooms. The other suite is a living space for researchers who spend a longer time here. It’s equipped with kitchen and other necessities. I’ll be living in one of the bedrooms here.

My room has decent furniture plus an AC which is completely unexpected. In this town, electricity goes off for 5-6 hours twice a day in early morning and later at night.

 Kitchen. I wish there were a microwave here, but the two guys living here with me only eat out, so they never need one. sad face. I’ll have to figure out how to reheat and cook with a rice cooker.

An Indian-style bathroom. There is also a Western-style bathroom in the office. Fortunately I’m from Thailand, so this is not too exotic for me.

A view from the balcony. This building is about 15 minutes ride from the center of Thanjavur, yet it’s not within a “walking distance.” The heat, the narrow road and the way people drive here make it impossible for me to get around by myself.

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