A Few Favorites from a Trip Ages Ago.

Testing WordPress’ gallery feature with a few of my favorite photos from a trip in Europe.

It’s sad that I haven’t got to travel much since I started graduate school. These photos were taken in 2008 when I was studying abroad in the UK (where college students don’t have to attend class and a round ticket from London to Berlin was cheaper than a cab ride to the airport). This winter, I just found my little journal from back then, so maybe I’ll blog about that trip someday.

1. A very pretty port in Barcelona

2. The Great Synagogue in Budapest.This one got some sort of award when I was in college too :P

3. Nothing is better than a hot Italian coffee after a long train ride. It really captures my feeling back then.

4. I just love the signs.

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6 Responses to A Few Favorites from a Trip Ages Ago.

  1. aung says:

    Love this ! :) Good job Gift :)

  2. Picture paints a thousand words~

    Cool stuff :)

  3. Saran P says:

    These pictures make me want to travel!

  4. Poom says:

    Hey. Two were taken in our trip. Hooray.

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