Health concerns ~ Before Going to the “Developing” World.

In preparation to go to India, I just checked in with my school’s Travel Clinic. They gave me 5 immunization shots today – Hepatitis A, Japanese Encephalitis, Flu shot, Typhoid, and Polio booster. This totalled to a lot of  pain in my arms and probably a multi-hundred-dollar bill later. I’m hoping that I could get reimbursed for this. *finger-crossed* They also scheduled me to meet for medicine prescription to bring with me. I’ll update this later. Another related health concern – I was looking up some advice online about what to bring. Some people suggest bring water purification and iodine (to soften the taste) tablets because you cannot trust even bottled water there.  I’m not sure if I should take this piece of advice.

Growing up eating street food in Thailand, I certainly have an extra layer of immunity. Not sure if that will be enough. Besides, my Pakistani friend says I should stick with Aquafina* and I’ll be fine. I think I’m gonna decide against bring anything then.
* guaranteed to be clean by Pepsi Co.

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