A Dream Comes True.

~A trip to India as a development economist (in training)~

This previous post turned out to be a bit whiny. Take it as a summary of my three years in grad school. That was quite short. haha. Ok, the reason why I started this blog was mainly because I am going to India in a month! At the end of my third year(last week!), I got an RA offer to go work in India for a month in June. When I was deciding whether to leave PhD program or not, this trip surely made me stay (the professor who gave me this opportunity probably does not know it).

This is like a dream comes true! It’s the main reason why I’m in grad school in the first place. I love traveling, seeing new things and people. Combining this with my (?) passion in economics land me in the field development. So, I’ve always dreamed of going to work in the field. I don’t really know what it’s gonna be like. I might just be crying to go home in a couple of days there.

The project is located in a small town outside of Tirupathi, north of Chennai. It’ll also be related to social networks of the poor which is my research interest. I’ll have to learn a lot before going there. This is super exciting :)

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2 Responses to A Dream Comes True.

  1. I’m sooo happy this is finally coming true :)))

    Well, at least it’s worth the shots u took :P

  2. moutonmauve says:

    Am I allowed to comment on the grammar? …. jk… I love the blog. Keep it up.

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